Here is a story that I made up which is really sad :'(

4E 202 Morning Star, 14

It all started with a beautiful midday in skyrim. The two brothers Torbjorn and Thor saw the nature with curiosity and adventure in their eys from the edge of the town Dragon Bridge. Their mom Jane told them that food was ready and when they entered the house they smelled the Vegetable Soup and Rabbit Haunch with some water, it was actually their best meal. When the family finished their meal, they heard war cries and horns outside and when their father Gunmar opened the door he saw the Jarl of Windhelm march with his stormcloacks and killed the guards of Dragon Bridge. When Gunmar looked closer he saw that Ulfric was along side with the dragonborn and this made him sick.

Later in the afternoon, the dragonborn came by to Dragon Bridge to visit Gunmar after the liberation of skyrim. When the dragonborn knocked on door and Gunmar showed up, he took his knife and warned the dragonborn to back off as he didn´t want to talk with a stormcloack traitor. The dragonborn drew his sword and told Gunmar to not threat him, but Gunmar held his knife so hard that his fist were about to explode. Without any hesitation, Gunmar attacked the dragonborn in rage. As the dragonborn and Gunmar was fighting, the stormcloack guards saw the fight and one of them shot Gunmar right in the chest. As he fell down on his knees with an arrow in his chest, he saw that smile on the dragonborn. The guard who shot him in the chest, shot him once more and this arrow hit the right shoulder. The dragonborn came up with a smart idea and hang him with five arrows and a few numbers of daggers on his dead body on a cross near Mistwatch Keep were the thalmor hang around and left a messeage to them:

"This is an exampel of what we do to those who denies that skyrim truly belongs to the nords. Take this as a sign that we will be berserk, have anger and show no mercy on you disgusting piece of elves. Skyrim will never fall and belong to the elves as long there is a nord alive!!, Feel the rage of skyrim!!, Feel the rage of the Nords!!, feel the rage of Ulfric!!, May Talos guide us to a victory!!"

- The Dragonborn 

Note: "It´s not my hate against the stormcloacks that I wrote this story. It´s about how a normal family could have under a war and how though it can be. Don´t feel hate on me stormcloack lovers, I could have done the same to the imperials or any ohter faction.´s just a story if you didn´t like it." - Thandeon