The Stormcloacks

House Windhelm (The Head House)

House Winterhold

House Dawnstar

House Riften

The Imperials

House Solitude (The Head House)

House Markarth

House Morthal

House Falkreath

I have been watching Game of Thrones for two months now and is obsessed with it really. When I think about it, Skyrim is somewhat similar to GoT so I made these "houses". Please don't complain about the locations and everything that I have messed up with, Whiterun is neutral so I didn't put that in. Made this just 4 fun and maybe got a laugh out of you! ;) :)

How would you react if it was like this and the lesser houses were actual houses with their own small defense, banners and had someone who ruled them?

Imagine Solitude as King's Landing and Windhelm as Winterfell. Damm, someone should make a mod for that, it would be awesome. 

(sorry for my bad english...)