• ThatDirtyShisno

    Chapter One.

    Fae walked along the pebbly road to Riften. She had been there before, but that was only for minor jobs that had to be done. She had heard whispers of a mysterious Thieves Guild that resided there, and knowing her records, she had made a brilliant thief. Whether, its stealing some gold out of the Jarl's pocket, or planting some stolen goods in a house, she always managed to get it done unnoticed.
        Fae saw the gates to the city in the distance. Smiling to herself, she ran towards the wooden doors. She spotted a guard standing next to the city gates. She had heard rumors about them, and how they tried to get newcomers to pay a tax. As if they would charge me, she thought.
    "Hold there!" The guard ordered, and Fae skidded to a hal…

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