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  • TheInfamousLyingHarlot

    I'm sure this has been done before, but I'm interested to see what you guys think. Just list some predictions about the following topics:



    Player Character (what you think will be so great about them):

    And anything else you can think of that you'd like to add.

    My Predcitions

    Location: Elsweyr (as it's the most requested location for an TES game that I know of)

    Plot/Conflicts: Maybe some sort of Daedric Prince going crazy and trying to terrorize the inhabitants of Elsweyr. Then on top of that, the Kajiit are trying to drive out the High Elves once and for all from their lands (as so many people wanted some sort of conclusion to the Civil War quest that Bethesda might just do it only with a different people at the front) and…

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  • TheInfamousLyingHarlot

    What is your favorite DLC released so far for Skyrim? And if none of them suit your particular tastes, what are your favorite DLC-Type Mods for Skyrim?

    I really love Dragonborn- mostly because of the Stalhrim armor set and the new location to explore. I haven't been able to try out any mods yet because I don't have a PC version of the game, but I'm planning on getting the Legendary Edition soon for PC and I look forward to trying out Helgen Reborn and Moonpath to Elsweyr! 

    I've heard great things about the quality of Helgen Reborn. There's good voice acting, interesting characters, an enticing story-line, and an easy 4-8 hours of playing. It seems like a nice little switch-up to Skyrim that I look forward to trying out. I especially can't wa…

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  • TheInfamousLyingHarlot


    And I don't mean Kajiit or Sabre cats, I mean CATS. REAL CATS. Cats that you can keep at your house or big ones that can follow you around like Wild Cats, which are basically just bigger more violent versions of CATS.


    Need em.



    I f**king love cats.

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  • TheInfamousLyingHarlot

    The flying mechanics for taming and riding dragons.

    Am I the only one who just doesn't understand them? Because it seems to me that everytime I mount a dragon, the second I press a button, my dragon is searching for some place to land. What is especially painful (besides the lack of navigation) is how inefficient it is for traveling. I get to the place I want to be, but when I signal my dragon to land, it ends up going halfway across Solstheim before it actually touches down.

    Perhaps I am merely overreacting, but I can't possibly be the only one who feels this way.

    OH, and another thing. I hate Apocrypha. The fact that you have to go in there without a follower... all alone... creeps me out...

    I always end up summoning my Dremora Lord while I'…

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  • TheInfamousLyingHarlot

    Once upon a time, there lived this sexy Orc named Orclahoma. She only wore tavern clothes.

    She didn't like adventuring much and mostly just stayed at the Orc Stronghold- although she would sometimes visit cities to buy jewlery. Nobody cared at the stronghold. They all kind of ignored Orclahoma. They thought she was an ugly Orc. But she wasn't. She was sexy.

    One day, she was sitting by the Longhouse wondering why chiefs from other strongholds wouldn't marry her, when she came to the realization; She was limiting her options. None of the orcs thought she was sexy because they were orcs, and they just didn't understand sexy. So she stole one of their horses and left. The Orcs didn't chase after her. They were glad she was gone. They thought she w…

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