So about this thing on tumblr...

There is this thing on tumblr called Skyrim Confessions. I follow them because it's nice to see what other people who play Skyrim think/do while they play, but at the same time, I don't feel like I always connect.

All these people, it seems, who play Skyrim are hardcore role-players. They make characters who have their own back-stories and morals and such. 

For example, one person said they made an angsty Argonian who would join the Thieves Guild and Dark Brotherhood, but could never be a Companion or Wizard because magic and strength weren't their character's traits.

Another person said that their character was a Companion, but had strong morals and would only ever steal from really rich, mean people. They wouldn't join the Thieves Guild or the Dark Brotherhood.

Am I the only one who plays Skyrim to do ALL OF THE THINGS!?!?!?!

I can't just not do the Dark Brotherhood questline. That questline is the most fun I've ever had in Skyrim! And who doesn't want to be a Thieves Guildmaster or Arch-Mage! I mean, I just want everything. When I make characters, I don't give them backstories. I just make them and start smashing faces in with my warhammer!

Not that there is anything wrong with trying to bring Skyrim characters to life, it's just- how do they do it?

Everytime I try to be a soley-magic High Elf or a sneaky kajiit assassain, I end up just going back to my sexy Nord chick to run around and do whatever the hell I want.

I don't know if any of this makes sense to the person reading it. It's just me thinking via blog (that is what these blogs are for, yes?). But am I alone in this? How do you, personally, play Skyrim?