Recent Adventures

Keeping Cicero Alive

During my first playthrough of Skyrim, I felt dutifully loyal to Astrid and the other members of The Dark Brotherhood. When Cicero flipped shit and tried to attack Astrid, I immediately went back to attack him.

I fought my way through the Dawnstar sanctuary, conquering the lonesome spirits, slaying the giant frost troll, and picking my way through the Sanctuary's mysterious catacombs (which are sealed up once the Dawnstar Sanctuary becomes the new permanent sanctuary).

I was ready for a fight. I had heard Cicero's taunts and teases which slowly transition to lamentations and beseechiness. (How the hell did he project his voice through the Sanctuary?) I was ready to get some payback. I entered the room and say him lying on the floor like the wimp he is.

I was all, "Aw, what?!"

And he was all, "Oh no, Listener! Don't kill me!"

But I did.

However, this playthrough, I decided to keep him alive. One thing I always love about Skyrim is having people to talk to. It makes the game feel more alive. Having only the Initiates, Babette, and Nazir to chat with at the Sanctuary bummed me out big-time. It made the area seem... well... boring!

So on my second playthrough of Skyrim, I kept Cicero alive. After moving into the Sanctuary and leaving it for the first time, I encountered Cicero outside the door. I had been looking for him to make sure he was actually still alive, and he was!

He was like, "Listener!"

And I was like, "Hey, bud! How's my broski doing?"


And I was all, "D:!"

But then he was all, "LOL jk. We're totes BFFs now!"

And I was like, ":D! You got me, pal!" Then we both mounted Shadowmere and rode off into the Sunset. It was magical.