I'm sure this has been done before, but I'm interested to see what you guys think. Just list some predictions about the following topics:



Player Character (what you think will be so great about them):

And anything else you can think of that you'd like to add.

My Predcitions

Location: Elsweyr (as it's the most requested location for an TES game that I know of)

Plot/Conflicts: Maybe some sort of Daedric Prince going crazy and trying to terrorize the inhabitants of Elsweyr. Then on top of that, the Kajiit are trying to drive out the High Elves once and for all from their lands (as so many people wanted some sort of conclusion to the Civil War quest that Bethesda might just do it only with a different people at the front) and then other questlines in the background. The Thieves Guild and Dark Brotherhood opened up hideouts and there is a new Warrior Guild of some sort. I'm also hoping for a cool Mage Guild that's, like, underground or something really sweet like that.

Player Character: Probably still all the races to choose from. Obviously the game will start the player character off as a prisoner because of Bethesda's prison fetish (and also because starting as a prisoner is super easy for game developing as it starts the character fresh). I think it'd be super awesome if the player character had a godly parent or something like that, so they're special because their basically the child of a divine, but I haven't really read a lot of TES lore lately so I can't remember if that's even possible or not. But that would be the shit, no? :D

Some things I hope they'll add: Even more dynamic weather; if storms could affect the environment like knock down trees or even hurt the player if they get caught in it/Frostfall mechanics. More mounts besides horses (Flying mounts would be wizard cool). More in-depth cities. Solitude and many other cities in Skyrim were all kind of empty and boring. There were maybe 20 npcs max? If the next game could have bigger and better/more complex cities, that would be great, but it would also be awesome if the game's engine wouldn't be so overloaded that it would crash on computers. I would also like more complex npcs. Interesting NPCs and inconsequential NPCs in the base game would be great. Also, more than 4 voice actors would be great (now I'm just getting nitpicky).

That's all for me for now, I might add more later. What do you think?