• TheManWithTheStrippedFatMan

    Vimotir Intaraus is a 197 year old Dark Elf, also known as Dunmer. He is currently residing in the Tamrial province of Skyrim. However, he is not there of his own will, but is being held prisoner there because of a series of unfortunate events that end in him fleeing his homeland of Morrowind. Vimotir was an Orphan at birth, his mother suffering fatal injuries during labour and dying after giving birth to her bastard son. He was quickly adopted by a guard that found the body and the new born babe, along with a piece of paper with a name on it: Vimotir Intaraus. When Vimotir was 5, he was given to the local tribunal temple as an acolyte. He was raised in a sect that was strongly nationalist, and the community around it reflected it. The loc…

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