So I was at my friends house and what do you know we were playing Skyrim. He plays Skyrim differently from me though because he likes to play with the bow and arrow while I like to dual wield. Thats when he decided to show me the slow mo perk you can get for archery where when aiming you can hold down a button and everything slows down. He also shows me how its a one hit kill fi you are using Daedric items which he had a ton of daedric arrows and a daedric bow.

WIth all of these things you would think the dragon born would be like spiderman with all of that with great power comes great responsibilitty but not this one. we go on a killing spree in Morthrall killing everythiing in slow -mo. Eventually a dragon swoops by and starts to battle with me. In under five seconds I have entered and exited slow-mo shot the dragon and start to absorbs his soul.

We deicde to go somewhere bigger so we head to Solitude. Once we started killing people a problem occured. one out of every three people in Solitude was unkillable which made it pretty difficult to do much. Eventually i died after ten unkillable warriors kept slashing me and getting in my way.

That was my story for the day if you havent checked out my other ones i recommend you do. Another thing give me feedback on the elderscrolls chapter I'm thinking about writitng tell me if you want it on the site. As all ways thanks for taking the time to read this and have a good day.

Hail Sithis