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  • I was born on May 14
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  • I am Homem
  • The 666º Lin Kuei

    New update from the December issue of PC Gamer US, thanks too Daegor from the official forums for the update. (j)
    PC UI
    F is default key bound to "favorite" an item
    There is apparently a sub-menu called favorites that opens when he does this (PC only?) Send potions, spells, armor to favorites menu, then keybind those to the number keys
    Autosave game intervals from 5-15 minutes
    With 5.1 the sound was amazing
    Dynamic music system. It doesn't just play all the time like Oblivion. It'll sleep for a bit, and then you do something important and it'll ramp-up
    Trees and wildlife look near photorealistic
    Rocks and vegetation poke up through crystalized earth with little aliasing
    Entering caves/dungeons takes seconds on a 7,200RPM drive

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  • The 666º Lin Kuei

    Look these new images that i found in a video:

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