I was sitting in an Xbox Live Party a few days ago talking with someone who was an Imperial in Skyrim and he kept banging on about how "Where it not for the Imperials, the people of Skyrim wouldn't have any of the technology that they do." And about how Ulfric Stormcloak killed a little kid (He seems to think that a grown man with a beard is a little kid, I have yet to understand his logic.) I told him, "Go look at the Skyrim Wiki. You will even find that Torygg said it was an honorable challenge by Ulfric." He still hasn't given me his reaction to what I told him... He's even convinced that the Stormcloaks are a bunch of Nazis when his side is the one who banned worship of Talos in Skyrim. I do not understand this poor man's logic. I would almost feel sorry for him... If he wasn't an ignorant Imperial. I am not saying all Imperials are ignorant. Just this one. This one even says I sold my soul because I use Daedric weaponry and artifacts. And he even hates the Dark Brotherhood. You kind of have to, since you're an Imperial. You almost killed all of them. But, anyway, What this post really is about is do you guys think that some people take the Imperial vs. Stormcloak debate a bit too seriously sometimes?