One day, I decided that since I already had several Daedric artifacts, I should find the rest of them to get the Oblivion Walker achievement. I started with the Skull of Corruption, played through that quest, killed the guy at the end, and got the staff. Then I decided to get the Ebony Blade. Again, played through that quest and got the sword. Then I decided I would really like the ability to call upon a Daedra to fight for me. This, of course, means I needed the Sanguine Rose. I look up how to get the Sanguine Rose on here and I go to all the mentioned town (Whiterun, Rorikstead, and Markarth.) I go to each and every one of these towns three times each and cannot find the questgiver, Sam Guevenne. Now, I know the character Ysolda is a part of this quest and, I am sad to say, in my game, she was killed by a dragon. Can someone please tell me if she needs to be alive for this quest to be available?