• The Aspect Of Akatosh

    I might do some trivia here, might not, But I'll probably be sticking to the Fallout wikia for it. Just go on my blogs there if you wanna see them.

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  • The Aspect Of Akatosh

    Yeah, I'm back, and I'm finally over the BE3 hype.... Thought I'd give a brief update. Here we go, then we'll get to the trivia.

    • Skyrim Remastered is coming to Xbox One, PS4, And PC on October 28th 2016. That's right, I'm excited to report that.
    • Fallout 4 DLC includes
      • Contraptions Workshop
      • Vault-Tec Workshop
      • Nuka World
    • Dishonored 2
    • Quake: Champions
    • TES Legends information
    • And Last but not least, The Removal of Alliance and Level barriers in ESO

    • Whom cleansed Cyrodil of it's jungle climate?
    • Where did Jiub die in the Oblivion Crisis?
    • In Skyrim, How did The Last Dragonborn discover They Were (Dovahkiin)?

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  • The Aspect Of Akatosh

    What was the Original ERSB rating for The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion?

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