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  • I live in Planet Earth, located on the Orion Arm within the
  • I was born on February 4
  • My occupation is student, editor on the Elder Scrolls wiki, and full time career as a lazy hypocrite
  • I am sexually identified as a teddy bear riding on top of a lion while wielding two ak-47s
  • Bio Patroller/Editor on the Elder Scrolls wiki, if you have any question specifically for me then please leave it on my talk page or tell me in the wiki's chat.
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  • The Crusader of Truth

    Hello! It's been a bit of time since I made the last blog, so I might be a bit rusty with how I formatted the thing. Anyway, the question at hand today is "How does one make a template?" Well, I hope I can do a bit of justice and at least start you out on the right path.

    So, where to start? Well, to start at the very very very very very very you get it basics, you first need to name your template. This is a little more important then it may seem -- Without the proper name, your template won't even work properly. This is likely so basic some of you guys won't even need this step, but anyway:

    The main goal of making any template page is to include Template: at the start of the title. Without this, you can't use your template anywhere, since it …

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  • The Crusader of Truth

    Hey guys! Popping by with a another "How to" guide. This one be really quick and simple.

    Over the course of my time here at Wikia, I've noticed a decent amount of users have asked me from time to time "How do you create a page like that?" The process is very simple - It really shouldn't be made into a blog, but here I am doing just that anyway.

    1. Go to your profile
    2. Add title behind the url
    3. Go to that page
    4. Edit that page
    5. Hit Publish!

    A sandbox, as well as any page for the matter, is a lot easier to create on a PC than a Mobile device, so I'd recommend you'd swap to PC, if you aren't on one already. From there, go to your profile page your profile page. Take a quick look at your profile page's url: Notice how the url involves your account? For examp…

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  • The Crusader of Truth

    Hey guys! I was giving some thought to a variety of the types of edits, and I decided - why not make a blog on how to make an infobox, and how the layout is supposed to go.

    An Infobox is a table placed on the right side of the page in order to show basic information. An infobox, is also defined on Wikipedia as "a fixed-format table designed to be added to the top right-hand corner of articles to consistently present a summary of some unifying aspect that the articles share and sometimes to improve navigation to other interrelated articles." It is used by Wikia on (almost) every single page at (almost) every single wiki. So, what's so great about an infobox? Infoboxes are an summary of basic page information, and help improve the page by givi…

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  • The Crusader of Truth

    Hey guys! I recently took the time to make my own personal signature, and I've noticed that some users do not know how to make a signature. As such, I decided I should make a blog to help people out. I compiled this from what I could find on Wikia - My main sources are Monchoman45 and Dzylon. Thanks, the both of you!

    First, you need to design your own signature. The easiest way to make your own signature is to go to your settings, is to go to Special:Preferences and change your "Custom signature", under "Signature". A very basic signature is something like .


    Hope this helps you guys/galls out!! Leave me a message on my talk …

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  • The Crusader of Truth

    I was figuring this day would come, but not so soon. As the name of this blog might suggest, if not I'm sorry but I doubt I could make it clearer, I'm leaving the wiki for a decent amount of time. This will likely be 24 hours from the time of this post, however, the time may be extended.

    I know quite a few of you guys already know that I'm leaving, however, I decided to write a post so there are fewer loose threads about this. Since many members may not know me, it's fine, but I decided to explain why I'm leaving anyway. And I'll try to make this simple, so that no one gets too confused with this already poor-sounding blog post.

    To put this in simple English, I am getting my Chromebook taken back by the school system until the next start of …

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