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Hey everyone! It's December already, and with that said, it's already Christmas season. As of right now there isn't a ton of Elder Scrolls news to go over. The #10MillionStories event is winding down, and the Crown Store has new items for this month. It's also notable that at the end of last month, Skyrim VR and Skryim on the Nintendo Switch was released.

Since there isn't a ton of actual news, I will be posting some of the stories from #10MillionStories after the Crown Store information. I'll be updating this blog as more information comes in, but for now let's jump into what we have!


#10MillionStories, a prize giveway, will be ending on December 6th. Until then, however, the event is in full swing! Complete a random dungeon via the Dungeon Finder – Normal or Veteran mode – to earn a Mysterious Reward Box. This can contain a lot of in-game rewards, ranging from consumables, to pets, costumes, and collection of super rare mounts and houses. You can obtain a Mysterious Reward Box once per day per character. Completing a dungeon will also give you one bonus entry for the event, so if you entered, you will have a greater chance of winning. To enter the sweepstakes, go here.

Crown Store Showcase


  • Crown Crafting Motif: Stalhrim Frostcaster Style – From December 14 through January 2.


  • Pariah's Pinnacle – From December 7 to January 2.
  • Furnishing Pack: Malacath's Chosen – From December 7 through January 2.


  • Winter Garland Dapple Gray – From December 21 through January 2.

Style Parlor

  • Hat Pack: Winter Broadbrims – From December 14 through January 2.
  • New Life Monk's Cap – From December 18 through December 21.
  • Sun's Dusk Winter Hood – From December 18 through December 21.
  • New Life Festival Cap – From December 21 through January 2.

Crown Crates

  • Storm Atronach Crown Crates – Monday, December 4–7
  • Wild Hunt Crown Crates – Monday, December 11-14

Crown Store Items to Be Removed

The following items will be retired from the Crown Store on all platforms on December 11 at 10:00 AM EST.


  • Armored Knights Pack
  • Stealthy Rogues Pack


  • Abecean Ratter Cat

Story posts from #10MillionStories Sweepstakes

As I mentioned earlier, I wanted to try to include a couple of the posts I could find for the sweepstakes. If you have the time to read them, the five I included are good. If you want more, be sure to search up the hashtag on social media. Other than this, that's all I have for this month so far. Until then, see you guys around the wiki!

"More Replying to @TESOnline #10MillionStories Me and my dad have been playing ESO for over 3 years. Now that I’m away at college, it’s a fun way for us to always stay connected. He’s the best dungeon pal anyone could have!"
―@sierraeley, Nov 18(source)
"More Having severe social anxiety makes talking to people challening. It WAS leading to a lonely life. ESO helped me make friends w/in the guilds I've joined. I'm getting better at talking to people, face to face, too! Thanks @TESOnline for having a great community! #10millionstories"
―@Ems2729, Nov 30(source)
"More Met a fella on a dating site, talking online was so quiet and awkward until I asked him if he liked games. Turns out we're both Argonians in Ebonheart Pact. We shared vows in-game and we've been together just over a year. Couldn't be happier #10millionstories"
―@Irish_And_Wild, Nov 29(source)
"After losing my 14 yrd old son who loved to play this game with me, I can honestly say the memories we made even in this game have become the most precious on earth! Would love to see an NPC in the game of his character forever! #10MillionStories"
―Gameon Kidhopeful, Nov 19(source)
"That 10 Million Stories thing is going on right now, right? How’s this for a story? I was in the PS4 Kyne campaign last night, and anyone who was there knows that the Dominion was kicking butt (heck yeah!). I found that Cropsford’s Outlier Flag (only the Outlier one) was taken by the Pact, so I was like “no point in leaving it like that”. Went and retook the flag, no opposition. Sat my character down and looked away for a few minutes, only to have my attention dragged back by being attacked. A Dark Elf Warden from the Pact was trying to retake the flag. I’m a Templar, and the Warden class is ridiculously good, so you’d think it would be an easy decider on who would win. But we were in a complete stalemate for 10 solid minutes. Eventually she got tired and left. But she went for the Market Flag, but was chased away by a guard and me. Then I chased her back to the Outlier Flag, and she started dancing, so I was like “screw it, I’ll play the lute for her”. So we stay like that for maybe 30 seconds and she leaves. I think she’s finally gone, but I turn around a minute later to find the Market Flag being taken, so I go over there, and she starts dancing again. I don’t play the lute this time, as I’m getting tired of this. Finally she heads back to the Outlier Flag, and I start to follow her... until I see she has reinforcements. I proceed to run away, and they chase me down mercilessly and kill me. End of story. Hooray... #10MillionStories"
―‎Lindsay Watson‎, Nov 27(source)