Hey guys! I recently took the time to make my own personal signature, and I've noticed that some users do not know how to make a signature. As such, I decided I should make a blog to help people out. I compiled this from what I could find on Wikia - My main sources are Monchoman45 and Dzylon. Thanks, the both of you!

Every Easy Signature

First, you need to design your own signature. The easiest way to make your own signature is to go to your settings, is to go to Special:Preferences and change your "Custom signature", under "Signature". A very basic signature is something like
 [[User:The Crusader of Truth|The Crusader of Truth]] - [[User talk:The Crusader of Truth|Talk Page]] 
, just replace my username ("The Crusader of Truth") with your own. be sure to turn on Wikitext! If you create a signature like this However, there are way better ways to make signatures out there.

Short Walkthrogh

  1. Go to this page, Click "Edit" or "View source code".
  2. Copy everything on this page.
  3. Go to your Userpage.
  4. Add "/SigReal" to the end of the URL in the URL bar.
  5. Click "Add content to this page" or "Edit".
  6. Paste what you copied here on that page.
  7. Look closely in the code you have pasted - wherever you see his username, change it to yours. Note: It may help to press Ctrl+F and type my name in the bar. This will highlight all the places where his username appears.
  8. His sig has a link to the wiki he uses the most. You probably want to change that link to a wiki you use. To find the link, Ctrl+F and search "Skystone".
  9. Change "Skystone" (Right here and directly above) to the wiki you're linking to.
  10. Save the page.
  11. Check to make sure that the page was saved properly - if you edit the page again, your code should end with &nbsp;{{{1|}}}&nbsp;</span></small>. If the {{{1|}}} is missing, add it back in and save again.
  12. In the URL bar, change "/SigReal" to "/Sig".
  13. Copy the code on User:Monchoman45/Sig and paste it in your /Sig page.
  14. Change his username to yours.
  15. Go to Special:Preferences. Under the "Custom Signature" heading, enter the following: {{SUBST:User:Yourname/Sig|{{SUBST:#time: H:i,n/j/Y}}}}. (Omit the <code> and <nowiki> tags)
  16. Check the "Use custom signature" box and click save.
  17. You're done! Now when you sign, always use only three tildes (~~~).

Long Walkthrough

Step 1

Now, of course, that's not the best looking signature of all time. A better way to create a signature is to use Html. Html can be used to create a large mixture of signatures, however, I assume that if you are trying to make a good signature you know how to actually use the HTML that can make it. As such, I will leave that information out. If you do not have any knowledge of signatures, then I will give you a basic signature that will easily work with a simple timestamp:
<span style="white-space:nowrap;background:#C0D0E5;background:-moz-linear-gradient(top,#CCC,#C0D0E5);background:-webkit-gradient(linear, left top, left bottom,from(#CCC),to(#C0D0E5));border-radius:6px 0 0 0;border:1px solid #191970;font:12px Arial;padding:0 4px;">[{{fullurl:User:USERNAME}}<span style="color:#000">USERNAME</span>] <span style="border:1px solid #191970;"> [[User talk:USERNAME|<span style="color:#000">Talk</span>]] </span><span style="border-right:1px solid #191970;"> <span style="color:"#3a">{{{1|}}}</span> </span> <span style="color:"#3a">{{{2|}}}</span></span>
If you do use that as your signature, be sure to replace "USERNAME" with your own username. However, if you do not use that as your signature, it is still very easy to made a timestamp work with your signature. Simply create a section for your timestamp, using common HTML. If you do this, I recommend that you try out a time variable or two, to make sure that the template is what you want. When you are ready to make your Signature, go to your profile page and add "/SigReal" at the end of the url, aka create a userspace page named "SigReal". Paste your signature into this page, and save.

Step 2

Do step two if you created your own Signature/Didnt use the one provided. Otherwise, skip to step 3:
Now, go make into editor and inside the > < that is dedicated for your timestamp place {{{1|}}}{{{2|}}} . This will later take the time and place itself there.

Step 3

Go back to your profile page and add "/Sig" this time. Paste the following into the page:

{{User:The Crusader of Truth/SigReal|{{{1|}}}|{{{2|}}}}}

Be sure to change the username to yours, then publish.

Step 4

Go to Special:Preferences, down to your Signature settings. Paste the following text into the box that says "custom signature":

{{SUBST:User:The Crusader of Truth/Sig|{{SUBST:#time: h:i:s}}|{{SUBST:#time: F d, Y}}}}

Once more, be sure to change the username to your own. The save your settings. And you're done!!

Using your new signature

To use your new signature, simply type "~~~" where you would normally sign off posts with ~~~~.

Good sources if you are still confused/Need more Information

Hope this helps you guys/galls out!! Leave me a message on my talk page if you need me.