Hey guys! I was giving some thought to a variety of the types of edits, and I decided - why not make a blog on how to make an infobox, and how the layout is supposed to go.


An Infobox is a table placed on the right side of the page in order to show basic information. An infobox, is also defined on Wikipedia as "a fixed-format table designed to be added to the top right-hand corner of articles to consistently present a summary of some unifying aspect that the articles share and sometimes to improve navigation to other interrelated articles." It is used by Wikia on (almost) every single page at (almost) every single wiki. So, what's so great about an infobox? Infoboxes are an summary of basic page information, and help improve the page by giving easier access to content.

How are Infoboxes Supposed to Work?

There are a huge variety of different infoboxes on the Elder Scrolls wiki. It would like me quite a bit of time to discuss the total list of Infoboxes. With that said, I will cover the basics of one infobox, then I'll stop there. Remember that you can find exactly how each infobox works on the template page that it's on, such as Template:Infobox.

Adding an infobox to a page

To add a basic infobox to an page, just type the following:
|Box title    = Title
|image        = Image:Example.jpg
|imagewidth   = [defaults to 250px]
|caption      = Bob the Flower
|Row 1 title  = Health
|Row 1 info   = 250
|Row 2 title  = Stamina
|Row 2 info   = 100
|Row 3 title  = Gold
|Row 3 info   = 1000
This would generate the following:


  • As of recently, a change was made to the style of infoboxes. Now, infoboxes are supposed to have every = sign aligned in one column. This change is similar to Wikipedia's Infobox source.
  • It is recommended that you do not edit Infoboxes in visual editor - This will often compress the infobox.
  • If you need further help, you can always ask me at my talk page, Bronkiin's talk page, or any of the Staff.
  • A full list of all TES infoboxes can be found