I was figuring this day would come, but not so soon. As the name of this blog might suggest, if not I'm sorry but I doubt I could make it clearer, I'm leaving the wiki for a decent amount of time. This will likely be 24 hours from the time of this post, however, the time may be extended.

I know quite a few of you guys already know that I'm leaving, however, I decided to write a post so there are fewer loose threads about this. Since many members may not know me, it's fine, but I decided to explain why I'm leaving anyway. And I'll try to make this simple, so that no one gets too confused with this already poor-sounding blog post.

To put this in simple English, I am getting my Chromebook taken back by the school system until the next start of the school year. I have had many suggestions as to how to continue, such as using my phone as an alternative. However, my internet at home via phone is too slow for chat, and my phone is too small for constructive editing.

Since I would like to get in a few final words before I leave, I put some down below:

  • It has come to my attention that Timeoin may be thinking about Nomar becoming a staff member. I would like to share my opinion on this matter. While I do not have any quarrels with Nomar becoming a staff member on a personal level, I feel that Nomar just isn't ready. Nomar has only been a member, and from what I researched into Nomar's history, has only done two article edits, as of yesterday. Also, Nomar has only been a member for two months. This lack of both time and editing seems to be a big blockade into my opinion about Nomar becoming a staff member. Even if Nomar did edit articles on a daily basis, I would not suggest Nomar as a staff member, due to Nomar's time on the wiki. Before I received the news about my Chromebook, I wanted to become a chat moderator. However, I felt that I didn't quite deserve it either, due to how little time I've been on the wiki.
  • It came to my attention yesterday that Sajuuk has left the wiki. I feel as if it was a little sudden, and I hope to see him come back by the time I can get back to this wiki at the start of the next school year.
  • Starkiller has become the MOTM, and I would like congratulate him here and now, even if I done so already.
  • I am seeing a great deal of new members on the wiki lately, and I would like to welcome them all here and now.

Now that I've got the news out, I would like to say here and now to everyone-goodbye. I will, as I said, be around for around 24 hours but then after that it is questionable. And on one last note, this post might be a little bit early, as the date for this may be set back.

Post-Script:I also, even if I got internet, can not edit due to the fact I will have a job this summer, which is an outdoor job in which I don't go home for 5 days a week. For those of a curious mind, I'm counseling at a summer camp.