• The Daedric Warrior

    Hello everyone, I'm The Daedric Warrior (Reference to the Ebony Warrior). And this blog is just to tell you about what I feel about skyrim: the faults, and the good stuff.

    Lets start off, I've completed skyrim. Twice. The storyline is interesting however I feel that after the main quests, thieves guild, werewolf/Vampire etc. has been done, what's left? I haven't done Paarthunax. I doubt I will... He's the coolest dragon in Skyrim, why would I want to kill him? Why does Esbern and Delphine hate me and virtually abandon me because I don't want to kill a complete tank? Anyway another thing I haven't done is everything useful in the soul cairn. The soul cairn I found to be incredibly interesting... And huge... I've done one quests... AARVAK. Sa…

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