Hello everyone, I'm The Daedric Warrior (Reference to the Ebony Warrior). And this blog is just to tell you about what I feel about skyrim: the faults, and the good stuff.

Lets start off, I've completed skyrim. Twice. The storyline is interesting however I feel that after the main quests, thieves guild, werewolf/Vampire etc. has been done, what's left? I haven't done Paarthunax. I doubt I will... He's the coolest dragon in Skyrim, why would I want to kill him? Why does Esbern and Delphine hate me and virtually abandon me because I don't want to kill a complete tank? Anyway another thing I haven't done is everything useful in the soul cairn. The soul cairn I found to be incredibly interesting... And huge... I've done one quests... AARVAK. Saint Jiub's quest is boring, and it's just generally a nuisance.

One thing I really hate is random dragon attacks on villages and cities... One of the last 4 achievements I need is to have 3 houses, however I need to become a thane of falkreath for lakeview manor and frankly... I have helped one citizen and everyone else is dead. One blood dragon when I was like level 15 and he goes for the civilians.

S,etching that's really cool in skyrim, for me, is some of the special quests like The Ebony Warrior. A mysterious warrior of high level comes up to you in a city (whiterun for me) and requests to fight you. You go to the place and actually have a hard battle (Master Difficulty). This mixed the game up and in-game I had a lot of respect for the ebony warrior. So much so hat in my house I've got all his weps and armour on racks and mannequins. It's things like that, that make the game fun especially when there's oohing else to do. All the quests I have now is: kill this bandit. Kill this vampire and retrieve this book.

That's my mini blog adventure writing story thing... Until next time?