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    Ever since the start of The Elder Scrolls, the worlds have all been massive, with many locations, NPC's and things to do. 

    However, due to their large size, they suffer in terms of polish, and at times, detail. Don't get me wrong, I think they pack quite a bit of detail, but what if the worlds were smaller? 

    In this blog, i'm going to try to see the pros and cons of a smaller world, and what I personally think.

    More Polish- Games of The Elder Scrolls series are known for their huge amount of glitches, bugs, and technical issues. They range from minor glitches like a guard with no clothes, to annoyances like being un-able to complete a quest, or completly game breaking. When the team are working with a smaller world, less bugs will be encounte…

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  • The Joker~

    So, I haven't played Skyrim since like...September, I just completely lost interest. Been thinking about playing it again, but just how I can rekindle my interest in it? what to do? 

    My charatcer has reached level 81, finished Thieves Guild, DBH, Companions, College, most of the Daedric Quests, Civil War and the main quest, along with the Bard quests. Have about...6 of the 9 dragon priest masks, cleared maybe 87 dungeons? 208 hours of gameplay.

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  • The Joker~

    First, before I start this blog, i'll clear up a few things: I am not Milkman, meaning my quality is not something that seems like was written by a blog making god, so you may see mistakes here and there, please do tell. And oh, this is all my opinion, feel free to disagree or agree.

    Now, to the actual topic at hand...

    Now, we all know that TES games are all critically acclaimed, each installment being called 'one of the best RPG's ever' and so on, however, does it really deserve this praise?

    I love the games myself, but they have their fair share of problems. Stuff like story telling, characters, combat, under cooked features....

    Bethesda games in general are better when you put everything together rather than each feature on it's own. Howeve…

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    Hearthfire DLC Trailer

    August 28, 2012 by The Joker~

    Rumors were true. Rejoice house lovers.

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    What to do in Skyrim?

    August 17, 2012 by The Joker~

    Honestly I am bored. I got to the highest level, did the Civil War, the main quest, did many Daedric Quests, did the Forsworn Conspiracy, did the Butcher questline, Thieves Guild and Companions/College of Winterhold.

    I feel...bored in the game. What do you guys suggest I do? and what do you do in Skyrim?

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