First, before I start this blog, i'll clear up a few things: I am not Milkman, meaning my quality is not something that seems like was written by a blog making god, so you may see mistakes here and there, please do tell. And oh, this is all my opinion, feel free to disagree or agree.

Now, to the actual topic at hand...

Is the series overrated?

Now, we all know that TES games are all critically acclaimed, each installment being called 'one of the best RPG's ever' and so on, however, does it really deserve this praise?

I love the games myself, but they have their fair share of problems. Stuff like story telling, characters, combat, under cooked features....

Bethesda games in general are better when you put everything together rather than each feature on it's own. However, even with that, people praise them as games sent from the divines. Also, to note, alot of people are incredibly defensive if you critcize anything. I once had a dude tell me 'You can have your opinion, but it's wrong' just because I stated Skyrim's story was un-impressive.

I started thinking why such things happen, and I come to the conclusion that it all comes down to brand power, in terms of professional reviews, to say the least.

Brand Power

What do I mean by brand power? the games are incredibly popular. With Skyrim, even tho being released really close to last years Modern Warfare 3, did incredibly well.

This may seem like more of a observation on the whole professional reviewers thing rather than Skyrim, but does it not seem strange that certain elements present in Skyrim, do not get criticized, yet if it is present in another game, it does.

Here is a example: Back in August, Darksiders II released. The game got positive reviews and all, but criticizm was put on same looking and 'repetitive' dungeons.

However, Skyrim, when you look at it, alot of the dungeons are the same thing.

Fight Draugr/Falmer/Spiders, do pillar puzzle, get to Death Lord/Dragon Priest, kill him, learn shout, get out. And most of them, envrionment wise, look very similar. Sometimes there is no shout, even.

There are some unique ones, but those are a exception.

I think it has to do with review sites catering to fans to avoid getting crap for it.


Another element that I think comes into play here is hype. Elder Scrolls games recieve tons, tons and TONS of hype and press attention, so you get sucked into it. That happened to me myself, I bought the game, I was still in the hype zone as I call it, and for a moment though Skyrim was the be all end all and height of RPG's. Until my level 66 was deleted (Thanks Bethesda -__-) I started noticing flaws. That probably plays a big part in it too.

Some people just completely and totally like everything in it.

Really simple. Some people just find the series to totally click for them and have everything they look for. From the combat, to the world, to the story, it is just for them. Which, I obviously understand that.

Closing Comments

Are TES games really good games? yes. Are they a tad bit overrated? yes. While they do deserve praise, I think this is kinda too much.

So, what do you think? do you think it gets all the praise it deserves, maybe a bit too much, hell maybe lacking a bit of praise *Not possible dude, not possible.*

Tell me below.