Skyrim Map

What if this was smaller?

Ever since the start of The Elder Scrolls, the worlds have all been massive, with many locations, NPC's and things to do. 

However, due to their large size, they suffer in terms of polish, and at times, detail. Don't get me wrong, I think they pack quite a bit of detail, but what if the worlds were smaller? 

In this blog, i'm going to try to see the pros and cons of a smaller world, and what I personally think.

Pros and Cons 

More Polish- Games of The Elder Scrolls series are known for their huge amount of glitches, bugs, and technical issues. They range from minor glitches like a guard with no clothes, to annoyances like being un-able to complete a quest, or completly game breaking. When the team are working with a smaller world, less bugs will be encountered, and so, the game will be more polished. 

Skyrim no face glitch

Maybe he would have his face still intact.

More Detail- While the games are full of details in their own right, wouldn't more detail be put in to the world when it's smaller? instead of having to spread their work across a large world, they can concentrate more on the smaller area, resulting in more attention to detail, this could also effect quests, instead of having several small fetch quests spread across, maybe we would get more of the lengthy questlines  that we all love and enjoy.

Now, to the cons:

Less Places, quests, and NPC's- I think this one is fairly self explanatory. When you get a smaller world, you will have less locations and places. This goes hand in hand with More detail, since that's the trade of for more detail. It's a quality vs quantity thing, really.

Less ExplorationWhile when I say smaller world I don't mean really small, it will pack less exploration in it because it will be more restricting.

Closing Comments

I personally would like to see more polished, more packed with details smaller worlds in the future. Overall, I would prefer more quality over a bigger size.

I would like to know what you think, fellow TESWikians. Do you think I missed a pro or a con? what would you prefer? common below, let me know.