With Skyrim out and this wiki's views skyrocketing, I thought I would share my thoughts on Elder Scrolls Wiki. Recently, it was announced that this wiki had the most views on wikia gaming. While that is true, that is not because of this wiki's quality, but rather the hype surrounding Skyrim. The same thing happened on UESP Wiki, Not that this isn't a good wiki, it just leaves something to be desired. Many of the pages here are, to put it bluntly, atrocious. The formatting, spelling, and grammar are lacking, and many pages don't have pictures. UESP wiki is still a superior site, but it lacks the features strength of a community like a Wikia site does. It is much simpler to come here for any Elder Scrolls information via the blog posts. I understand that information is still being compiled into the wiki, but even the pages on older games such as Oblivion are lackluster. I believe what this wiki needs is more experienced editors from prominent wikis, such as The Vault or perhaps UESP. I would love to see this wiki reach it's full potential, and will contribute wherever I can.