"For when the next Elder Scroll is written, you shall be its scribe."
―Martin Septim

Hail good citizens! For those of you who would like to read more of my blogs, good news! I have a few ideas lined up, but I'd like to hear from you guys first.

Elder Scroll - Orphan Template

For those of you who miss me from Dragon Age Wiki, I do intend to get back there, and even have a couple of blog ideas ready to go. I'll hopefully get around to all of these eventually, so don't worry. Also, if/when Dawnguard is released to the PlayStation 3, I'll be sure to buy it right away so I can start writing a review, including some of my thoughts on how DLC should be done. For now however, that one is on the top of my list, but on hold due to the delay. I know, I know, you're all waiting for me to give my opinion so you know it's safe to buy. I feel your pain.

So, without further ado and self-flattery, here are a few topics I'd like to write about; if the blog ends up sucking, it'll be your fault for voting on it.

The Contenders

These are the ideas I have put together thus far. I've listed each topic with a short description in the list below. Please feel free to vote for which one you want most in the poll. Please note that these titles are only temporary, and may not be the actual title used for the article itself.

  • Location, Location, Location -- My thoughts on fantasy settings, the Elder Scrolls in particular. Many of my beliefs on the fantasy genre coincide with MrBtongue's latest video, regarding the Elder Scrolls series, which motivated me to write my own opinion on the matter. In addition, I will probably be writing about my ideas on future Elder Scrolls games.
  • To Build a Guild -- A critique of Skyrim's guild questlines. Expect quite a few comparisons to Oblivion here, as I consider that game to have superior quest lines in many respects.
  • Take Me To Oblivion Again -- An account of my recent return to Oblivion. I started up Skyrim's predecessor yesterday, and I noticed a lot of differences, both good and bad.
  • Legion Love -- An opinion piece arguing why I believe the Imperial Legion is a better choice than the Stormcloaks, and my own reasons for signing up.
What blog do you want to see next?

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If you have any suggestions, objections, or interjections, sound off in the comments section below!