This is a true story that recently occured to me whilst playing Skyrim.

I am fighting for the Legion, and was in the middle of the quest, A False Front. After succesfully intimidating the innkeeper at Nightgate Inn (and failing a persuasion attempt) I hopped on on my horse, telling Erik the Slayer to wait there. Following the coast, I narrowly avoided falling into the icy water. Out of nowhere jumped a Snow Bear intent on ripping me to shreads. I wanted to avoid fighting it, so I galloped into the woods as fast as possible. I broke out into the main road, and spotted my goal: the Stormcloak courier. Before I could even speak to him however, the Snow Bear leapt out from behind the wood, suprisingly having followed me from Bronze Water Cave. In that moment, I realised I could do the right thing, or do the easy thing. If you think I did the right thing, you don't know me very well. Standing at a safe distance, I watched as the bear mauled the courier with ease.

TESV Bronze Water Cave

After dispatching the bear, I suited up in my Imperial armour and noticed that a man was coming down the hill. I approached him, only to ascertain that he was a farmer. The farmer informed me that he was en route to Windhelm to join the Stromcloak rebellion. I contemplated killing him, so my enemy would have one fewer recruit in their ranks. Before I could fight against him, nature made the desicion for me. He drew his sword, ready for a fight. Looking of into the distance, I guessed at the enemy being a wolf; they often ambush travellers on the road. Prepared to fight alongside my new brother-in-arms, I pulled forth my battleaxe. Out of the woods came a terrible creature I had only fought once before on the way to High Hrothgar-An Ice Troll. The would-be rebel was slain in one hit from the troll, and I was next. Potions and posions on hand, I prepared to fight it. The combined power of my fire breathing Thu'um and my fire enchanted battleaxe was too much for the Troll, and it too fell. Looking around at the animal carcasses and Stormcloak cadavers, I thought to myself "Nature has a way of working everything out for you."

Kynareth Stained Glass Circle