With Dishonoured [sic] going gold, the BethBlog is full of news about that other game, and not Skyrim. What with the lull in information regarding the PS3 getting DLC (because there was totally a lot to begin with), I decided to discuss something that I've seen tossed around in the forums and blogs: free DLC. In the event that Bethesda can release downloadable content for the PlayStation 3, should they have to pay the same, pay less, or pay nothing?


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I suppose this is the part where I give my opinion. Should the PS3 see free DLC? That's a tricky question. Would it be a good idea? Well, it would certainly be a good move on Bethesda's part, and a good step in the right direction. Regardless of whose fault it is, you can't say Bethesda is entirely free from blame; It is their engine. Even if you blame Sony, Bethesda hasn't been entirely forthcoming with information. Giving us one or two free DLC packs can be seen as a smart PR stunt on their part, and regardless of their intention, everybody wins. PS3 players have had to wait a lot longer, and we will most likely end up with an inferior product in the end any way.


With all that in mind, are we entitled to it? I don't think so. It was never promised that these DLC packs would be part of the original product. We haven't given them any money for it yet, so it's hard to say it's at all unfair if they decide to actaully charge money for their product. To moderate the debate, I'd say it'd be a good compromise to simply give PS3 users a discount, as a way of saying thanks for their patience.

What do you think?

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