If there is one race that sucks more than any other, it's the Altmer. I've noticed how they get typecast into archetypes. Bethesda often makes them out to be the bad guy, which plays an integral role in the conflicts present in the game's plot.

Below is my list of notorious High Elves.

  • The Ayleids. They worshipped demons and enslaved people. Not very nice.
  • The Thalmor. They are responsible for banning the worship of a God who can cure any disease (Which should, in theory, prove his existence), and practically destroying the Empire and the Blades. That and slowly turning everything you have ever done in every Elder Scrolls game to shit.
  • Mannimarco. He is the Worm King for Gods' sake. He raises an army of the undead and tries to destroy the Mages Guild. More than once.
  • Mankar Camoran. Leader of the Mythic Dawn who came extremely close to destroying the whole world. Kind of a dick.
  • Umbacano. Two-timing limey bastard.
  • Falcar. A creepy mage who forces you to fetch a ring in a well, hoping you'll drown.
  • Seridur-Hypocrite who hires you to kill a vampire...only he's innocent and totally not a vampire.
  • The Mythic Dawn agent who slit the throat of Emperor Uriel Septim in the begining of Oblivion. I checked. Everytime you take off his hood, it's a High Elf. That guy you spent the entire first game saving? Dead. Bastard.