Skyrim and it's DLC have provided us with a humungous amount of creepy crawls that literally make your skin crawl. From the shrieking Ice Wraiths to the venomous Frostbite Spiders we have always been frighten when some hideous creature from The Elder Scrolls games has crossed our paths. So, today we will have a fun time reminiscing of the creepiest creatures that crossed our paths in Skyrim AND it's DLC. So, let's get to it shall we?!

Frostbite Spider


I had the very unfortunate first chance to met these "wonderful" creatures during the earlier main story quest at Bleak Falls Barrow. In real life, I hate spiders. I run and possibly scream every time I see them. Possibly. How about you? Now as for in game, when I heard an odd creeping from around the corner, I though it was just more Dagur. Then as I turned the corner and laid my eyes upon the furry, cumbering creatures whose vary movement brought forth a sound that crewed at my eyes, I pulled out my box, equipped some iron arrows, and knocked them of. I was so happy that I would not have to get any closer to these hideous creatures. Then, I crossed through the middle of the room. As the Giant Frostbite fell on-top of me, I literally screamed aloud. I really hate spiders. So, I pulled my great-sword and did what all great adventures do. Hit in a corner and waited until the spider either lost interest or brought the fight to me. Let me say, it didn't lose interest. When it finally fell, I may have been poisoned, but I was proud as hell when the action cam kicked in and I thrust my great-sword through it's many many eyes. I'd love to hear your tales of your first encounter with Frostbite Spiders. Post them in the comments.

Ice Wraith


These creature where as not as creepy per say, we can all agree as we are traveling Skyrim's more Northern and Snowy parts, they certainly can be ninjas and jump us without much of a knowing. Well we pile on the shrieks that follow these fowl creatures as they charge straight at you with no regard with to you whatsoever. You got any amazing Ice Wraith stories? Again, drop a comment I'd love to read about them.



Bugs. I hate bugs. I hate them more than I hate spiders. Trust me, that's saying a lot. The way these vile creatures snake around so quickly and sit their poisonous venom at you from afar, then get in your face and rip it apart, truly creeps me out. One interaction in particular has left me hating Chaurus even more than I would have normally. This is that fateful evening I spent in Frostflow Lighthouse. When I first entered and found the wreaked lighthouse I suspected bandits. Then, I saw the dead Chaurus, a Falmer ax stuck in a Redguards body, and a set of stairs leading down. I knew I would dread what ever awaited me down there stairs. Oh and I promise you, I did. When I finally got to the chamber with the Chaurus Reaper I had had enough insects for a long time. I laid my eyes on the huge creature, I literal paused my game, and when and did something else for half an hour. I was fed up of these vile creatures in this vile lighthouse! When I returned, my trusty War Ax helped me put an end to it, and I was thankful for that. I could not get out of that lighthouse fast enough. But I of course paid my respects to the fateful dead the Chaurus dealt with and received a nice buff from it two. But I'm not saying it was at all worth it. Not even close. Damn Chaurus...


I was looking through the Skyrim creatures looking for more hideous creatures when I found this. And because I am a PS3 player I have never had the "privilege" to met one of these great creatures. Thank God... If you have anything you can share about these creatures I'd love to hear that in the comments too.


The Vote

Well that's just a few of the fowl creature in Skyrim and it's DLC. So what was the creepiest one to you? Cast your vote below:

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Well that has been my little spiel for the day. I hope you enjoyed it! Again I'd love to hear about your Creepy Creature interactions in the comments below. Yours Always; --The Old World Relics (talk/blog/contributions) 02:59, January 28, 2013 (UTC)