Some of you may have already watched the Game Jam Video and seen, among other things, the awesome (my opinion) vampire execution; where the player plunges his fangs into his victim, sucks the blood out him of him, and kills him in said action.

IF the execution were to be added, how exactly would one be able to perform it? Would it be done randomly as all other executions are? Would it rely on whether the player has fed on the last 24 hours? Or would you have control over it?

I favor the more manual way. I have conjured up a way of making the feeding execution more controllable. Imagine, if you will, that a lone bandit has had the audacity to attack you, you easily with one slash of your sword, hurl of lightning, or shot with your bow, quickly lower his health to a very low, low point. As you see him crawl away from you, you can't help but feel a surge of bloodlust come over you. As you approach him you are giving the option of feeding on him as one can do on a sleeping NPC. You press the action button and your character executes a pushing kick, making him fall on his back, you fall upon him in a frenzy and plunge your fangs on his warm neck. I have imagined three distinct vampire executions: standing, kneeling, and the one mentioned.

Now I ask you, noble reader, what are your thoughts on this matter? Which would you prefer (automatic or manual)? Is it even a possibility of vampire executions making it into the game? If not, could a mod be crafted for such executions? And finally, what are your general thoughts on the idea planted in this blog?