Yeah, i was really bored. Anyway I'm pretty sure that most of you have picked a side by now so yeah, the title says it, all which side did you choose and why? Was it because you feel you picked the best side, you simply didn't care, you feel your choice was supported in the games(very, very deep) lore, or a mixture of different reasons?

I picked(yes I know nobody asked so feel free to to correct me, offer your opinons, or arguements on the matter) The Empire because I feel that 1. They have the best overall examples. And 2. They are the best overall choice for Skyrim and abroad(i.e.) Tamriel in the long term.

Yes I know a lot of people are saying, the Stormcloaks will unite with Hammerfell and take down the Dominion! And while that is probably feasible, it will no doubt be a very difficult and Pyrrhic victory. Mostly because I get the impression that the Stormcloaks and Redguards focus to much guerilla warfare tactics and if they do an upfront battle with the Dominion they will be slaughtered or suffer heavy causulties, yes some of the counter arguements are " The Redguards were able to hold off the Dominion for five years", or, "the Stormcloaks aren't too much of guerilla fighters because in the Stormcloak questline they defeat the Empire". And yes both of those are true but I would ask you to contemplate this: 1. The Dominion was most likely significantly weakened at the end of the "Great War" and don't forget that the Redguards were on the defensive which is usually easier to maintain than being on the offensive, yes that was fifty years ago but I don't think that's enough time to(effectively) rebuild your army if your also focusing on rebuilding your country. And as the other arguement, Well, I would direct you to:

But in short the Empire suffered MAJOR casualties, as in not one Imperial Legion was at half strength, and two were completely obliterated, yes, it was never told how strong the Legion was at the beginning but that's still quite significant casualties and anther thing is after the (in)famous White-Gold Concordant was signed the Legions composed of Redguards pulled out to defend their country which crippled the Legion even more and on top of that the Stormcloak rebellion is ALSO composed of former Legion soldiers. Soooo, yeah, you can see how crippled the Legion is. I know its a complicated subject, but in general: we need everyone aboard, Nords, Imperials, Bretons, Redguards, Argonians, Dunmer, etc. to combat the sleeping giant known as the (In)famous second Aldmeri Dominion Not just Nords and Redguards. And I think its best to start out with the most disciplined and trained warriors first before trying to rally everybody else.

Another reason why I joined the Empire was because I believe they're the best choice for everyone. If we were talking about whats best for the Nords and Nord culture, then yes, hands down the Stormcloaks are the best choice, but I get this nagging feeling to ask, "whats best for everyone?" and after a little research and contemplation I decided that The Imperial's have the more calm, patient, and in general better people, for example, look at the Jarls and possible Jarls, yet again, feel free to post any opinions/aguements you may have, but anyway, The biggest problem I have with the Stormcloaks is their blatant hate towards all non-Nords and their rather reckless, and power hungry leader, lets all welcome: Ulfric Stormcloak!! Not only did he directly and unknowingly help the Dominion before finally wised up, but he's still helping them when he took the stupid course of action that started the civil war when he simply could have taken a FAR MORE peaceful and diplomatic route that wouldn't have weakened Skyrim and the Empire and have kept the Dominion further from its goal probably just so he could be the "True High King. You see the Dominion were the ones manipulated Ulfric and who knows how many more people to achieve their ultimate goal, and they're really the ones behind the whole civil war. Anyway, do you know what they're ultimate goal is? Well bear with me because this is pretty radical, you know how the Altmer claim that they are really Divines? Well it turns out they and most likely all Mer really are Divines trapped on Nirn. Don't believe me you say? Well look at this.

Credit goes to Joshof Blades for putting this up on a blog so I wouldn't have to sift through thousands of comments on a reddit page.

So anyway, feel free to correct me if you want unless you just don't care, in which case never mind, this blog took waay longer than expected and I hope you understand this whole war and every thing goes waaaayyyy deeper than just Imperials or Stormcloaks and just because I can, [expletive removed due to language policy] Ulfric, [expletives removed by due to language policy] Him and the Aldmeri Dominion. I don't hate the Stormcloaks, just their leaders. So, sorry I got way off track, anyway, who did you join and why? The Usual Thinker (talk) 01:56, February 17, 2012 (UTC)