So I was playing Skyrim (duh), and I was wandering around doing some vampire quests. So I fast travel to this fort to take out this Feral Vampire. So I get there, and I see a couple of thalmor so I go kill them. I came back to the fort and a bunch of bandits were fighting a mage. This mage managed to kill all the bandits that were attacking him pretty easily. He finished them off and started to attack me but I hit him with a dual cast pacify. I went over to check out who it was, and lo and behold it was my good friend Malkoran. Now some of you may have read about how Malkoran's shade went on a killing spree in my game. So I was just standing there with a WTF expression on my face for a bit. Then I got attacked by Sebastion Lort (The guy who guards the Rueful Ax). So I kill him then Malkoran attacks me. I kill him, and his murderous shade. So I just stand there wondering how these two attacked me when I already killed them. So I bring malkoran back to life with Dread Zombie then kill him so his shade didn't mess up my game anymore. So I finished the Quest, and went to Falkreath. Once there the guards started attacking a bandit that was behind me, but it wasn't just any bandit. It was Rigel Strong-Arm. I started to freak out at this point since I had cast dead thrall on all of these people. I went to check on my wife in Riften (yes i do mean to get money). So I went in Honeyside and there is Aela fighting Movarth Piquine. Now i'm just starting to lose my sanity. Every time I have fast traveled so far after the first incident another one of my previous dead thralls has attacked me. I'm not sure if this is some kind of glitch or I left there bodies alone long enough to respawn. And this is not fake all of this seriously happened if anyone knows how to stop something like this could you tell me?