This blog is going to be about my first day with Hearthfire. Now i'm not finished with it, heck I haven't even finished my first house, but I just thought I would put my experience out their so you guys could compare it to yours. At first I had absolutely no idea how to get the deed for the properties. I tried going to the Jarls, stewards, I even tried the maids in Dragonsreach. Then while I was passing through Morthal a courier ran up to me and gave me a letter about adopting kids. So I went to check it out, and the lady told me I couldn't until I had a bigger house. Now this made me mad because I had no idea how to build it. I eventually rechecked my inventory, and I saw I had actually gotten two letters(goof). So I went and talked to the Jarl of Falkreath and got my land. The amount of materials it costs to make this house is staggering. I had to go to three blacksmith's and three general stores to be able to make more than one item at a time. It was during one of these supply runs that, in my opinion, was one of the coolest things in skyrim happened. I had just gotten a Steward. Ria, from the Companions. It was her first day on the job. I left to go get some supplies, and I came back to a woman standing over a dead body. At first I thought it was Ria killing some bandit. Then I realized that the bandit had killed Ria! However this bandit was extremly similar to Ria close enough that they could have been sisters. Then Ria's "sister' walked over to me and told me that her boss had kidnapped my wife. I stood there dumbfounded. In two minutes a member of the Companions had died, I had lost my steward, and my wife had been kidnapped. Needless to say I tore that bandit to pieces. I then went on to save my wife, and ended up soul trappin the bandit leader who had taken her. The entire event was extremely good. Not only were the bandits smart enough to wait for me to leave (which meant they knew my schedule) they had even taken out the closest follewer I had all before I got back to my house! They forced me into a situation where I had to go into their hideout alone, and fight them all or give over the 5000, gold I needed for supplies. Honestly I had my doubts about this dlc, but this one thing has completely turned my opinion around.