So I was wandering around the College of Winterhold when I started seeing weird lighting flashes coming from Winterhold. I ran down to the town (which took awhile because I was at the top of the College.), and found ALOT of dead bodies. After a quick investigation of the surrounding houses I realized that only the Jarl, a kid, and the inn keeper were still alive. I looked around for the murderer, but I found nothing. I deduced that the town must have been attacked by a dragon, so I went to the closest dragon lair. On my way up I heard a thunderbolt spell, and a dragon shouting. I run to the top and I see a dead dragon. I look around for the source of the thunderbolt, but once again I found nothing. (I must be a really bad searcher.) After finding nothing I go to Markarth, and I did some quests. After three in-game days I decide to visit Rorikstead. I'm walking there when all of a sudden a dragon's skeleton lands in front of me. I ran to Rorikstead expecting to find some fighting mages, but once again everyone is dead except for some people who were inside, and the children. This time I take as long as I can searching for the killer. While I search I begin to think that this might be some undiscovered quest. When I reach another group of dead I really think it's a new quest. This group of dead was composed of Stormcloaks, Imperials, Thalmor, a giant, and some goats. It was kind of an odd spread of dead bodies, but it was a clue that I was headed in the right direction it also told me that the thing that was capable of killing two villages, and more random NPCs, had no dicrimination of what it fought.

I really was starting to get worried. I was scared that I wouldn't be able to kill this thing. Once again I couldn't find this mysterious being. I traveled back to Winterhold to try, and piece this thing together. I spent a week in-game trying to find the killer, but my efforts were futile. After all of my useless searching I decided to take out my anger on some guards. I traveled to the nearest town which happened to be Riverwood. Once I got there I heard the familiar sound of a thunderbolt. I ran into town, and finally discovered the monster that was responsible for the deaths of so many innocents. The murder was Malkoran's Shade. This made no sense to me at the moment, but I didn't have time to piece the mystery together yet. I ran into the battle, and with my help the townspeople were finally able to kill the thing.

I couldn't figure out why Malkoran's Shade was still alive. I had completed the quest awhile ago. Then I remembered that I had used Dead Thrall on his body. I had lost the Thrall awhile ago, and I had assumed he had died or got lost. Then I remembered that casting Flame cloak cancelled dead thrall. I went to Winterhold to see if my theroy was correct. After purchasing detect dead from Tolfdir I quickly discovered Malkoran's body hidden among some bushes. I realized that I had been the one that unleashed the monster on Skyrim when I tried out Flame Cloak the day this all started. I couldn't figure out how he got to so many places so far from each other, but I assume he just wandered sround Skyrim killing everything in his way.

And that is the story of how I caught a monster that I had created.