Armour. The actual protection of the armour, improvement methods construction, prices etc., that's brilliant, fine, great.

What slights me is that there is little genuine Knight's armour or chainmail armour, and that you can't change colours on armours or truly customize them. Most armour I like, blah, blah, but the closest thing to Knight's armour is Steel Plate, and the helmet on that is wack, or Daedric Armour, which is too demonic and showy, and Ebony armour, which looks like it is made out of oversized kitchen utensils, except for the helmet. The closest thing I've found to a Knight's helm is The Dawnguard Full Helmet, which I have no complaints about really.

I like the idea of slightly reddened armour, dark, and has a typical knigths helm and is a slightly slimer fit than the aforementioned sets.


What also infuriates me is that we start the game paying too much for products, over 3 times the amount they're worth. I have speech at 100 with all perks, yet my prices still are higher than the value of products I sell.