In my travels, I have completed Skyrim to the extent were I am happy with everything, bar one thing.

Earlier in the game, I decided to Destroy the Dark Brotherhood, as I didn't really like the guys. However, this proved a bit of a mistake; there was something I wanted from the questline which I want now which I did not know of at the time.

The Fur-Trimmed Cloak. It is worn by Thane Bryling, and the only way to get it off her that I know of is to kill her. Unfortunately, she is marked as essential until Bound Until Death, part of the DB questline. Since I 'destroyed' the questline, she is somehow still marked as essential.

Basically, my question is does 'destroying' a questline render the participants permanantly essential?

This is where the confusion starts. Could I pickpocket it off her with Perfect Touch? I haven't got that far in the skill tree yet, so I don't know.

If not, are there any ways to attain the cloak? I am an XBOX 360 player, so I can't use console commands as far as I am aware, but also I don't know how to mod anyway.

Ulfric has a similar Cloak/Outfit, but I wouldn't kill him as he is the rightful High King IMO and even if I was willing to I couldn't as I have already completed the Stormcloak questline.

I'm not too bothered if I can't get it, but if anyone knows to attain/mod this or whether or not I am right, your help would be greatly appreciated, thank you.


Fur Trimmed Cloak

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