As a Skyrim fan and someone who is partial to memes, I decided to create my own Skyrim alignment chart. I can't actually make one, but here is where I would put some characters.

Lawful good: This was a tough one, but in the end I went for Isran, over Parthunaax, the reason being that Isran is taking it upon himself to purge evil beings and avenge those who have succumbed to this dark tide.

Neutral good: Balgruuf the Greater, no question. Even though I'm a Stormcloak, there is no denying Balgruuf's altruistic motivations and stubborn refusal to be brought into a war that could affect his city and hold.

Chaotic good: Ulfric Stormcloak. He is doing the right thing, in my opinion, taking the Empire to task and making them answer for their crimes, and rightly or wrongly he has brought with him a storm of unrest trailing from him, like a cloak, which I think does well to describe his name. Stormcloak by name, Stormcloak by nature.

Lawful neutral: Hold guards. They obey and enforce the laws, and exist only to protect the people and their Jarl, in theory at least.

True neutral: Greybeards, namely Arngeir and Parthunaax. They are neutral in that they do not care for the war or the Thalmor or the concordat, they only calmly speak to the sky. They help you fight Alduin, but their neutrality only applies to this world, and as Alduin seeks to destroy it, he is the enemy of all life, and even though neutral, the Greybeards still must fight for life.

Chaotic neutral: Sheogorath, DPoM. He seeks only to spread and preserve madness, like an indiscriminate infection. However, as he says, madness is a mercy, a bitter mercy perhaps, but a mercy all the same.

Lawful evil: Thalmor. They are slowly moving to envelope Tamriel into their cold maw, decimating or crippling any who are not powerful enough to stop them. That is why we must fight them.

Neutral evil: Astrid and the DB. They indiscriminately kill anyone who they have been hired to, regardless of what that person is guilty or innocent of, what their species, creed, social status or political belies.

Chaotic evil. Alduin, the world eater, bringer of death and destruction and defeat. He brings chaos on his blackened wings and fire from his jet throat. Dark wings, Dark words, and a dark, dark, dark world.

What do you think? I'm eager for your thoughts.