Disclaimer: I elucidate more than two flaws here, and not all of them are to do with gameplay. I change my mind so much. I apologise.

Having orchestrated a successful (as in widely commented-on) blog recently, I felt spurred on to write another.

We all love Skyrim (or at least TES as a whole), otherwise we wouldn't be here. I felt some of it's biggest strengths were it's combat system, customization and perhaps mise en scene (the setting, basically).

But the gameplay as whole had four big flaws (and some others, but these are the irritating ones).

1) The camera angles. The camera angles were not a strong point. The way that there almost no cutscenes would be a better way to say this. When you're talking to someone, you can be looking away from them because of the camera angles. Another example would be when you finish the Labyrinthian quest and a Thalmor agent prepares to attack you. That would work much better as a cutscene. cba for a big detailed waffle about this.

2) The music. Most is good, but the bad stuff is played the most and the good stuff the least, in my experience.

3) How when an enemy surrenders, they don't actually surrender. And when you kill them while they're 'surrendering' it's just a normal hit, not a brutal fucking calipso of horrible gory terrifying death (eg ripping out insides and strangling person with them).

4) The city of Solitude. Yes, the arch structure is great, but the architecture is awful, everything apart from Castle Dour is a mess.

Any other flaws I haven't listed?