• Theory guru fan

    As you all may know there is a new top pvp'r - emperor of almeri dominon. syfer has gone down the drain. Theory guru 13 time emperor of pvp and a wopping 328 total taken bases is an ovious choice for top pvp of eso 2k15 anyone whos with me join Mr. guru's clan ----PvP Wolf pack or get an invite from 1 of the 3 leaders, pantera,Mr. guru,and silver gryphan. now for the stratigical explanation behinde guru's team. They may not be full of veteran 14's but they have stratagy. ive watched first hand first step on his plans, they speed to the edge of the base there targeting. Usually around the farm. They creep up place the maximum of 20 seige wepons up as close to the base as possable. they fire 10 to the wall and 10 to the inner wall so it takeā€¦

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