As you all may know there is a new top pvp'r - emperor of almeri dominon. syfer has gone down the drain. Theory guru 13 time emperor of pvp and a wopping 328 total taken bases is an ovious choice for top pvp of eso 2k15 anyone whos with me join Mr. guru's clan ----PvP Wolf pack or get an invite from 1 of the 3 leaders, pantera,Mr. guru,and silver gryphan. now for the stratigical explanation behinde guru's team. They may not be full of veteran 14's but they have stratagy. ive watched first hand first step on his plans, they speed to the edge of the base there targeting. Usually around the farm. They creep up place the maximum of 20 seige wepons up as close to the base as possable. they fire 10 to the wall and 10 to the inner wall so it takes about 3-5 min to take out the outer wall. But as they charged in the base obliterateing everything in their path the inner wall goes down somthing the blues are not used to as i witnessed this i was truely amazed. he charged right in the base healing platforms everywhere no one was touched in the matter of seconds the base was taken. and the best part about it they went on to the next one. overall as i know of Theory guru's group is very hard to get into you have to be what hes looking for. ive talked with pantera one of his prized warriors. pantera says "guru wants people who can listen to what he is saying if you have the talent and you can get the job done he'll look past the fact that you can't shut your mouth if thats the case" -more- he needs 5 healers, 3 sourcerers, 7 nightblades, and 9 dragon nights. you must meet the requirements. you do not need to be a veteran 1-14 you just need to do as he says. You need to be able to hold your own! if he puts you in a important mission. say he splits the group your in a group of 5 you need to be able to adapt. or say your a scout you need to feed the information you cant get cut of in the midlle of the mission. i forgot 1 last thing. Taking scrolls is Mr. guru's thing so if your fast, stealthy, he needs you. i know this information because i myself know someone who is a current member of his pking,pvping group. there are some famous youtube'rs who play with Mr. guru himself such as /syfer, pewdiepie-one time thing/cronix,nadeshot,hamerobie, and we can't forget genology. so if you think you got what it takes. ask around for gurus group half of aldemeri is in it. im sure you can find someone. yea and they even do givaways you guys should check that out. but i think ive gone over enough there is much more. just know if not for Mr. guru aldemeri would be crushed. have you everbeen on pvp and saw a group of 50-150 running by? thats his guild haha. but ill cya guys

      POWER TO THE DOMINION. Theory GURUtm. "we can do this together".