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    Shield Mage

    July 16, 2012 by Thewikilover


    Type: Defensive Mage

    Race: Breton

    Equipment: Shield and Spell

    Armor: Heavy

    Primary Skills: Block, Restoration, Destruction

    Secondary Skills: Smithing, Enchanting, Heavy Armor

    Optional Skills: Alteration, Illusion, Conjuration

    Standing Stone: Lover Stone for leveling/Atronach Stone/Lord Stone

    Shout: Any Defensive Shout

    Follower: Any follower which can pick off enemies from a distance, while you’ll be soaking up damage with your shield. Jenassa or Faendal are good early choices.

    Leveling: Go 40% magicka, 40% health, 20% stamina until stamina is at least 300

    Shields: Spellbreaker, Max leveled Shield of Solitude (Get the Shield of Ysgramor before level forty to get max level) Shield of Resist Fire/Frost/Shock/Fortify Block

    Apparel Enchantments:…

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    I'm thinking of getting Dawnguard and I want to know which side to pick. I mainly play mages and warrior but sometimes play thieves.

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  • Race: Orsimer/Redguard</li></li>
    • An Orc’s racial skill is very useful for this class. The double melee damage output allows for even quicker fights while taking half of physical damage. With Redguard, their racial skill allows for 10 times as faster stamina regeneration, allowing for more power attacks and running.</li></li>
    • Primary Skills: One-Handed, Light Armor, Enchanting, Alchemy</li></li>
    • Secondary Skills: Smithing, Alteration(Completely Optional), Restoration(Completely Optional)</li></li>
    • o One-Handed is for your weapons. You want to do as much damage as you can, and as many power attacks as you can. Light Armor allows for a somewhat better defense. Enchanting allows better damage output and less damage input. Alchemy allows health a…

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