Hello there you. As you probably guessed this is a blog that I decided to do because I was purty dang bored. I know its 20 to 3 in the morning but I figured I would type up this here blog thing and tell you all whats on me mind at the moment.

If you have seen my profile before, you might have spotted my 'Xavier Dynasty' bit. If you haven't you are welcome to go and read it, if you have an hour. The jist is its my little bloodline thing that runs through Tamriel. I am well aware that Xavier is the same last name as Professor X from the X-men, but I coulden't think of any good, dramatic, fantasy-like last names. I am also aware that the birth dates of the Xaviers doesn't make much sense, but feck it. Anyway, its times like these that my creative juices start flowing, and i find myself coming up with all sorts of stuff for the elder scrolls. So i thought every now and then i could type up a few stories regarding the Xaviers if anylad is interested. If you are you can let me know, if you aren't then fair enough. But i wanted to find out if any fine gentleman/woman/mer would like to see what i come up with. Cool? Cool.

Ill also make the odd blog post when i feel like it, so keep yer peepers open fir that.

That's all fir noo lads, Daedric CDaedric HDaedric EDaedric EDaedric RDaedric YDaedric BDaedric YDaedric E.