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  • Tholanar

    As the title says, what do you want to (role-)play as if you're going to play Elder Scrolls Online? I personally love the new class =/= playstyle thing, (and I swear, I am going for creating the most diverse and strange combinations of class and gear as possible, to really explore the possibilities) and I thought it could be nice to create a post where people could share their ideas and concepts.

    As for myself, I have a few plans for some characters:


    Race: Nord

    Playstyle & class: I want to be a nightblade (Mage+assassin) in heavy armour wielding a giant two-handed axe. I told you, I am going for the most diverse combinations possible.

    Role-playing info: Yes, I am a heavy rp'er and ESO is not going to be an exception. This guy is going to be a…

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  • Tholanar

    Hey there TES-fans and wikians!

    After a bit of thought-weaving and speculating, I have come up with some musings on the ancient nordic pantheon.

    Shor: The legendary warrior who led the charge in the great Elhnofey wars against the Aldmeri pantheon. Represented by a snake, to symbolize his clever words when he tricked the other gods into giving up their power for his grand design. His heart was sent to Nirn, and thus, his divine plane(t), Dawn's beauty, or Tamriel in elvish, was also mixed with Nirn, becoming the great continent which we live and breathe on. But how did he end up in Sovngarde?

    I like to believe, that the Old Elhnofey (The Aldmeri pantheon), did not only execute him by tearing out his heart (Only known way of killing a god), th…

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  • Tholanar

    Hello everyone!

    I have always loved the large grey areas of TES lore, like for example, what race was the hero of Kvatch, was it a he or a she, things like that. It made every playthrough unique, and made you able to shape your own personal Elder Scrolls history. The only real thing lore dictates is that the Hero completed the main quest and the following expansions. Everything else is different from player to player. For example, one cannot say whether the Nerevarine was a medium-armoured nord savage, or a disciplined altmer nightblade. This blog is dedicated to reveal the secrets about Skyrim's Dragonborn. Basically, you post who and what you character were, and what they did besides completing the main quest.

    Like, for example: Was your d…

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  • Tholanar

    Hello! While digging through the gigantic amounts of replies on my "If you were the High Queen/King of Skyrim..:" post, I came across a small comment saying I should make a similar blog about being the Emperor. I thank you for all the replies on the first one, and I hope you'll post on this one as well! If you haven't checked out the other post, be sure to do so!

    Now, to the question: What would you do if you were the Emperor or Empress of Tamriel? Would you order the Dark Brotherhood to dispatch all the Elder Council members so you would be the supreme ruler? Would you execute people who worshipped certain gods? Would you legalize Skooma and ban normal food in the name of Sheogorath and Sanguine? Possibilities are many!

    A few optional quest…

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  • Tholanar

    Have you ever thought, that the Voice of the Emperor, could actually be the same voice as the Dovahkiin's? All Emperors up to Mede Dynasty have been dragonborn, and perhaps they may have had some minor voice skills, who their people could use to an even more inferior degree (Only once per day, not like once per minute as it is with most shouts, to my knowledge). Of course, the term Thu'um was first introduced in Skyrim, but who knows for how long bethesda had that planned? The term of dragonborn emperors, and having the dragon blood in ones veins, has existed for a long time now.

    Now my question is this: Now that the Empire does not have a Dovahkiin Emperor anymore, should the Imperials still be able to tap into the powers of their former D…

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