Mind you, this is my first blog ever on this Wiki. If I posted this in the wrong section, please remind me. Anyway, onto the subject:

I have noticed several articles from TES Online, who are not lore-wise correct. For example, The Aldmeri Dominion is said to hate Talos Worship. No one worshipped him. This is the Second Era, not the third. Talos wasn't even Emperor of Tamriel yet. The events of TES Online may even be happening before Talos was born! How in the world can the Aldmeri Dominion possibly know that Talos is going to be worshipped?

And another thing: Are anyne familiar with the Warp in the West? It was an event, which made six different possible events come together as one. One of these events, the founding of the Orcish Kingdom Orsinium, clearly happened in the Third Era. But in the Online racial description for Orcs, the Kingdom of Orsinium is mentioned. It did not exist in the Second Era! It was founded in TES II Daggerfall, which happened in the third era. Ergo, Orsinium wasn't founded in the Second Era.

Is this the work of a TESWikian who accidentally wrote something uncorrect, or did Bethesda themselves actually write this? Did Bethesda actually forget that the Ascension of Tiber Septim and the founding of Orsinium happened in the Third, and NOT the second, Era?