Hello fellow TESWikians and other people who read this post!

I am currently having a serious problem in my TES III Morrowind game. First of all, before I even got very far with the main quest, I was able to cure diseases by traveling to shrines and all that, just like I should be. However, soon I found out that my endurance attribute number was written in red in the attribute menu (As if i had been diseased, poisoned or cursed), and that my magic menu and the active effects bar in the lower right did not show any signs of a disease. Then I thought: "Ah, this must be that funny blight disease." So I cured myself a dozen times at a shrine, and drank two cure blight potions, AND a cure common disease potion. I even tried curing myself of poison, but none of that worked. I thought the blight disease must be bugged, and didn't think more about that. After all, my endurance were 85, and it had only decreased to 83, so... Then came the corprus disease, which damaged everything except for my strength. I did the quest, got it cured, and the corprus effects vanished from my active effects bar and were replaced by the disease resistance. Pity no one told my attribute menu.... I was still just as weakened from the corprus as before, even though my magic menu and active effects bar showed that it was gone. And it gets worse. I thought that it was maybe just a bug, and the disease had been cured but the menu didn't show it, but I found myself a lot weaker. And when I was attacked by a bonewalker, suddenly I was overencumbered! I looked at my attributes menu, and saw that, DESPITE being unable to contract ANY diseases, and despite the active effects and the magic menu showing no trace of any new disease, I had contracted one, and my strength had weakened! And I realized, that I could not play properly with so horribly damaged attributes. So my question is this: Does anyone know a console command to remove these debuffs from the bugged corprus and blight (And the bonewalker thing) disease? Has anyone encountered this before? Do I have to start all over?

Please post your opinions.