Hello fellow TESWikians!

I have long been asking myself: Who is the mightiest god in TES? We are talking any of the Et'ada/Spirits, who includes the Nine Divines, the Magna Ge ((The aedra who followed Magnus into Aetherius)), Magnus himself, all the other Aedra, for example Y'ffre and Phynaster, the Daedric Princes, including Jyggalag and Lorkhan. Anu and Padomay are not Et'Ada, but they were the ones who created them, so they count as gods as well. So please post your opinion on what God or Spirit you think is the most powerful!

My own opinion:

I'll have to say Akatosh. Even though he was weakened incredibly much by the creation of Mundus so many ages ago, he was able to kick Mehrunes Dagon, who, unlike Akatosh, were at his maximum power, back into Oblivion. Akatosh was the very first Spirit to find a name for himself, and thus, he is often named King of the Gods ((Most likely only the Aedra)). Another good candidate is Molag Bal. He created vampirism, (and I think we all know the amazing power of the vampire lord) and attempted to destroy the world in the second era ((During the events of ESO)). On the other hand, he is said to rival Boethiah, who in Oblivion required you to be level 20 before speaking to you. Molag Bal's level requirement was 17. Also, in Skyrim, the level requirement for Boethiah's calling is much higher than the cap for The House of Horrors. Besides, Boethiah have already defeated one god on the field of battle before: Trinimac, who we today know as Malacath. And finally, there is Hermaeus Mora. Knowledge is power, and Hermaeus is the very essence of knowledge. He knows everything from the habits of Ulfric Stormcloak to the events at Saarthal and the fall of the snow prince.

This was my choices. Please post yours!