Hello everyone!

I have always loved the large grey areas of TES lore, like for example, what race was the hero of Kvatch, was it a he or a she, things like that. It made every playthrough unique, and made you able to shape your own personal Elder Scrolls history. The only real thing lore dictates is that the Hero completed the main quest and the following expansions. Everything else is different from player to player. For example, one cannot say whether the Nerevarine was a medium-armoured nord savage, or a disciplined altmer nightblade. This blog is dedicated to reveal the secrets about Skyrim's Dragonborn. Basically, you post who and what you character were, and what they did besides completing the main quest.

Like, for example: Was your dragonborn a male or a female? Beast, man or mer? Did they slay Ulfric Stormcloak, kill General Tullius, or merely ignored them and left them to wage their pointless war on their own? Was (s)he a valiant hero, honored and revered amongst the populace and the Companions? Or was (s)he a sneaky murderer, handpicked by the night mother to sow terror and fear amongst the citizens of Skyrim?

All of these informations vary from person to person, and I believe it will be interesting to hear how other people shaped their characters.

I'll post my own very soon, to give an example!