Hello! While digging through the gigantic amounts of replies on my "If you were the High Queen/King of Skyrim..:" post, I came across a small comment saying I should make a similar blog about being the Emperor. I thank you for all the replies on the first one, and I hope you'll post on this one as well! If you haven't checked out the other post, be sure to do so!

Now, to the question: What would you do if you were the Emperor or Empress of Tamriel? Would you order the Dark Brotherhood to dispatch all the Elder Council members so you would be the supreme ruler? Would you execute people who worshipped certain gods? Would you legalize Skooma and ban normal food in the name of Sheogorath and Sanguine? Possibilities are many!

A few optional questions here as well:

How did you rise to the position as Emperor?

What where you before? ((If you have already made a blog post on the High King blog, maybe you could post a sequel to that post here.))

And finally: How would you be remembered? As an honorable warlord and tactical genius? As an evil tyrant, ruling with an iron fist? As a corrupt madman who left the Empire in a state of economical ruin when he died?

Post your story, and do check out my other blog posts if you want!