As the title says, what do you want to (role-)play as if you're going to play Elder Scrolls Online? I personally love the new class =/= playstyle thing, (and I swear, I am going for creating the most diverse and strange combinations of class and gear as possible, to really explore the possibilities) and I thought it could be nice to create a post where people could share their ideas and concepts.

As for myself, I have a few plans for some characters:


Race: Nord

Playstyle & class: I want to be a nightblade (Mage+assassin) in heavy armour wielding a giant two-handed axe. I told you, I am going for the most diverse combinations possible.

Role-playing info: Yes, I am a heavy rp'er and ESO is not going to be an exception. This guy is going to be a former mage-prest of Jhunal (Nordic version of Julianos), god of Wisdom and Logic. He will fight without any kind of stealth, but while still using the combination of cunning and magic that the nightblade stands for. Basically, a nightblade without stealth and with heavy armour, that worships Intelligence. Kind of a guy who stays calm and calculating in battle.


Race: Argonian

Class & Playstyle: Again, going for a very diverse class. I am aiming at a battlemage, and I am pretty sure there are two aspects of magic in the game. Class-based magic and staff-based magic. So, instead of going Sorcerer and warrior gear, I am going dragonknight and (battle)mage gear. Imagine a steelclad argonian running around with a staff, using dragonknight skills in combination with his magic. Boom! Dragonmage.

Role-play info: As a character, he will probably just be a mage who uses all the tricks of a Dragonknight to his advantage, while still flinging spells at people. He wont be very devoted to dragons at all, despite his class. Probably just an arrogant and self-serving mage.

This one will probably be my main, as it seems like the most interesting concept. (Warrior with a magical staff? When has that EVER been used in any MMO to this day?)


Race: Either orc or breton

Class & playstyle: Now, I'm going to go with playstyle first. Shield and sword, heavy armour. So far, we don't know a damn lot about the classes, but I sure as hell will not be going with a warrior based class. (Again, complex combinations) Basically, I'll just pick any class I haven't used yet, that s as far from the warrior as possible. Possibly a templar.

Role-play info: I have barely developed anything here. I just know I want a daggerfall covenant player, and that it's going to be warrior-based playstyle.

So, do tell me what your characters are going to be about! And for those of you who doesn't want to play this game, find another page to post on and spare me for your comments on why the game will be horrible. Not that I do not respect the arguments, but this is just not the page for that kind of discussion.

May Jhunal grant you the Wisdom needed to make an awesome character!