Alright, this is my idea: Take themes from Skyrim and incorporate them with something else (like a popular game, book, or movie). Note that I don't own the game and I play on my friend's copy, so I'm not a complete Elder Scrolls expert. However, I could use some help with ideas. Here are my themes so far. I know they're pretty stupid, so you guys could help and I'll change them up if I want:

  • Minecraft/Skyrim: There is one that the Enderdragons fear. In their tongue he is Enderkiin: Minecraft born. FUS RO NOTCH!
  • Middle-Skyrim: The Felllowship of the Ring gets lost in Skyrim and has to survive in this new dimension.
  • Star Wars Skyrim: The Anakiin (crappy name, I know) is the bane of the Sith here. The Separatists play the Stormcloak part with Grievous as Ulfric, and the Republic is the Empire. OR..."In their tongue he is Yodakiin: Jediborn!"

thumb|right|300px|The Emperor FAILS

  • Harry Potter and the Return of the Dragons: Many years after The Deathly Hallows, very large amounts of dragons begin attacking wizards, and Harry must stop evil once more.
  • 300: THIS IS SKYRIM!!!!!
  • The Bible: I wouldn't do this one because I'd get probably get in trouble for "making fun" of Christianity and Judaism, but still, I could imagine the story of Armageddon about Jesus returning to fight with "a sword from his mouth", which is sometimes interpreted as fighting with his voice, so I could imagine him riding around Shouting. :P